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About AGK

BIM Building Information Modelling. The inteligent way to build buildings. We can deliver services that will fully comply with UK Goverenment mandate as stated in the Goverment Construction Strategy May 2011. We follow PAS1192:2 ensuring collaboration and design coordination. Anthony has a Master’s degree from Westminster University in Construction Project Management and has 9 years of experience in Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Also, he has a diploma in construction and a degree in architecture. Between 2006 and 2010 Anthony worked in as an architectural assistant alongside senior designers producing 2D and 3D drawings to starting his own small construction business providing design and build solutions for small domestic projects. During these years he gained essential knowledge and exposure to the UK AEC industry. In the last 5 years Anthony has been delivering BIM management to projects, to lead project specific BIM coordination and management. He also assists the pre-construction teams to develop BIM in tenders and he develops models for construction teams, in particular, the resolution of key details in a virtual environment. Anthony’s core construction, architectural and project management skills help him deliver building information modelling and coordination of BIM Projects. AGK Creative BIM will: * provide expertise in BIM Coordination, 4D Construction Sequencing and programme optimisation. * research and develop innovative construction techniques that reduce time and cost * maintain effective working relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Why BIM?

More and more clients are realising that BIM is not an extra charge to their final bill but a process that saves them money. Using BIM for the full lifecycle can deliver better buildings, more quickly and at a lower cost than the traditional building process. Effective BIM implementation will help avoid design alterations, reducing risk and time re-working the scheme. The effective use of data throughout a building’s lifecycle lends itself to further benefits in generating long term maintenance cost plans for the building. This data enables the design team to resolve design problems such as service clashes and can be used to inform clients about the running costs before a project even reaches site. Detailing the BIM model upfront allows us to provide cost, energy and time saving solutions during the construction programme. Benefits of using BIM:

  • Added value to the client - clear understanding and visualisation of the building
  • Added value on site - more intelligent construction information and linked data on demand
  • Avoid problems - improved clash detection at early design stage
  • Control building costs - live cost planning; review design changes and access accurate costing
  • Understand running costs - compare building costs & energy requirements for different design options
  • Avoid waste - ordering accurate quantities saves money and avoids waste
  • Better planning - see the construction process virtually and monitor progress against programme
  • Better management - store all your building data in a central intelligent 3D database
  • Speed of design - a quick and effective way to visualise the design and build sequence
  • Mobile technology- Such as using BIM on field.

    Unstoppable Software Capability

    We use different types of software, for different elements of BIM. For example, we use Autodesk Navisworks to combine and federate models. This software allows us visualise models in a 3D environement as well as running design checks, such as Clash Detection

    We use Autodesk Revit 2016 for our modelling and drafting. This software delivers extreme parametric design parameters and allows us run BIM efficiently.