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Here are the services we offer

3D Design Coordination

VDC- Virtual Design Coordination otherwise known as 3D. Each of our disciplines works within a fully integrated BIM workflow, the result is a unified and collaborative approach to building design, with the project as the common focus. All of our commissions have a specific BIM workflow tailored to the specfic stratgy implemented for the commission – meaning we are configured to deliver interdisciplinary co-operative working to BIM Level 2, with your project as the focus. We develop specific BIM Execution planning in accordance with PAS1192:2 and understand all interporabilty softwares. We will be able to provide visual design coordination and back this up with Virtual Clash Detection, potentially saving thousands, if spotted on site.

3D Modelling Services

We can provide BIM Design modelling for specific packages to suit your needs. As well as producing 2d Detailed drawings. We can also convert individual drawings or projects or provide you with a quotation to convert your complete library of parts. You might of been working with 2D CAD for a number of years but now your customers would like to see a 3D Image of their product, or you might of just upgraded to a 3D CAD system but do not have the time to convert you parts library to suit your CAD package.

Conversion of Assets

Say you wanted to digitise your current asset portfolio, we could help you do this. We take your 2D asset information and we beign our process by converting Archiectural /Structural layouts and drawings into 3D. We then filter through your O+M manauals and schematics for mechanical equipment and we convert these into 3D and asset data. Finally we would store your digital information in the cloud on our Live BIM FM software. Where you will have access to your Asset 24/365.

Bidding Services

Let us help you win more work. As the UK Government has mandated BIM on all projects and is goverened by PAS1192:2 Let us help you by demostrating that you are capable of delivering a BIM project.

Visual Coordination

Using 3D models to virtually walk through a building. Better understanding of design and collaboration

Clash Detection

By having 3D models, we are able to undertake, virtual clash detection, meaning less issues on site.

Model Auditing

We can act as your external BIM consultant, auditng models from your design team.

Client Reporting

We are able to give exact reporting of model clashes, performance adnd design coordination analysis.

4D Construction Sequencing

4D Construction Sequencing is our speciality. We can turn any 3D model into a pro-active construction model, using a programme and virtually demostrate the constructability of a building. We can use this, to reharse, Programme Methodolgy, logistics, Health and Safety.

BIM Strategy Advice

You need BIM, but you are unsure of how it needs to be delivered? We can devise a strategy, for how your BIM project, should be procured and delivered from cradle to grave.

3D Printing

Sometimes referred to as prototyping. We can 3D print in many materials, from PLA, metals, woods. We can turn your 3D design into a 3d printed model.

There are many benefits to 3D printing, we offer a fast, effective design and print service. Click the link below to upload your design and we will print for you.

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